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Foundations 101: Intro to Nosework  

  In this eight week course you and your dog will start the journey of learning to search for primary(food) reward. Using primary reward for a dog taps into their primal instinct to hunt.   The building process begins by utilizing cardboard boxes. Using boxes as a tool, we can control the dog’s search environment in order to help them understand what they are looking for. The dog is reinforced by self-rewarding  when finding the hide.  We change and control the search environment by moving the boxes around, moving them farther apart, and creating box puzzles.  The handler is the other half of the team.  Leash handling is discussed, and concepts of reward re-enforcement.  Reading your dog’s body language, and behavior as they are searching are also introduced.  


Foundations 102: Intro to Odor

      This class advances the dog's scent discrimination skills taught in Foundations 101.  A natural essential oil of Birch, the first NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) odor is introduced.  The dog has already shown drive or desire for the game, and the handler is learning to read what their dog is communicating as they search and find hides. The beginning of the course will be spent on Container searches. Interior, Exterior and Vehicle searches will be re-introduced by the end of the course using the target Birch odor. We will work on more difficult searches, handler skills, teamwork and preparation for the Odor Recognition Test.  Prerequisite: Foundations 101:Intro to Nosework or instructor approval. 

Skill Building:  Continuing Nosework


        In Skill Building: Continuing Nosework  teams will work to strengthen their search abilities.  Problem solving skills for the canines will be set up and intertwined with less challenging puzzles to keep the learning fun. We will work on the four K9 Nosework elements of containers, exteriors,  interiors and vehicles.  Teams must be on Birch odor.  The next odors of Anise and Clove will be introduced. Each class term is eight weeks.  This is a skill building class that is meant to be repeated as the team works towards learning more from their canine, competition and having FUN. 


             Classes are $160 per 8 week session.  Drop In Class fee $20.00.   One handler per dog.  

      Puppies at least 6 months old.  No human reactive dogs may participate in Jaeger classes. 









Skill Building: Continuing Nosework


Skagit Valley Fairgrounds

Wed. May 5

6:00-7:30 p.m.



Skill Building: Continuing Nosework

BP Place NW WA Fairgrounds 

Mon. April 5   

6:30-8:00 p.m.                                                


Foundations 102: Intro to Odor

Lynden Tractor Supply

Tues. (email for dates)                           

6:30-8:00 p.m


Payments: Check/cash at first class, or PayPal

Drop in classes: Posted on Jaeger's Facebook page.   

Drop in fee $20.00 per class. 


    Contact Chris at JaegerScentTraining@hotmail.com for more info.





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Current Classes

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